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Forever Young

I used to be a psychotic student i mean a Psychology student and now HRM student [] future CHEF in the making [] novice Photographer [] GOD believer [] i believe i was a 16 yrs. old teenager trapped in the body of a 20 yrs. old lady [] i want to live in NEVERLAND a place where you never grow old and you will be Forever Young :) By the way KENN is the name of this blogger -__-
Instagram: saakenn1993
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Hi! i change my URL already!For the sake of New Year , new beginning and new stories.Since i want to preserve this old URL of mine that i’m using for my usernames for my social media accounts i made this oh so called URL preservation blog. If your following me then you might see me in your dash but if your not and your just stalking me around then try to find me again there’s a lot of way to find me :)